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Quick Quitting. Quiet Quitting. Really a Quandary??

Each quarter, there seems to be a new trendy quip to describe workforce behavior in today's world of business.

The Big Quit a.k.a. the Great Resignation of 2021 seemed to lead the way as American workers cited low pay, lack of opportunities for advancement, feeling disrespected, childcare issues, and inflexible work schedules as top reasons for stepping away from jobs, post-pandemic (Pew Research).

Then there's Quiet Quitting -- "a rising trend where employees are doing the bare minimum at work, a reversal of the tendency to go above and beyond in the workplace," as reported by U.S. News and World Report in September 2022.

Now Quick Quitting -- leaving a job after less than 1 year of employment -- is trending and, according to Fortune magazine, it's not just early careerists or hourlies who are jumping ship. Mid-level managers and execs are throwing the deuces ✌🏽, too.

As analysts snap their pencils trying to interpret the data behind such trends, here's a list of feedback that my team has gotten when working to place talent:

  1. Family first.

  2. Rapport second.

  3. Shadiness will not be tolerated.

  4. Is this ME?

When faced with being present for family vs working a shift. . .working with leaders who don't authentically relate with staff. . .feeling any sense of underhandedness, passive-aggressive behavior, or ill-intent. . .OR -- check this out: simply feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with working for a particular leader or organization, today's workers are choosing to forget the job and pursue something that better suits their personal needs, beliefs, and lifestyle.

People are seeking jobs to complement life, not BE their life.

I meeaaannnnn,

can you really argue AGAINST THIS?

It may be a different, maybe even uncomfortable notion for people who had been conditioned to prioritize the needs of their workplace over anything personal. Today, though? We're simply not having that.

What's clear: this modern approach to WORK demands a modern response to WORKERS.

I'm here for it.

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